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Silent Squeaker Dog Toy | Bunny Shaped Dog Toy | Plush Dog Toy | ZippyPaws

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Product description

Quiet Playtime Revolution: ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker - The Peaceful Squeak Toy Your Dog Can Hear But You Can't!

Discover the joy of silent play with ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker toys, the innovative solution for dog owners craving a bit of peace without compromising their furry friend's fun. Crafted for dogs who love the thrill of squeaky toys and designed for human ears yearning for quiet, these cuddly corduroy companions are a win-win for pets and their parents alike.

Why Snooziez with Shhhqueaker Toys Stand Out:

  • Silent Squeaker Technology: Featuring the groundbreaking Shhhqueaker, these toys emit a high-frequency squeak only detectable by your dog. Enjoy the bliss of silence as your pet engages in playful squeaking that keeps your home disturbance-free.
  • Safety First Design: With a commitment to your pet's safety, the Shhhqueaker is free from dangerous metal parts, offering worry-free playtime. Trust in the safe, innovative design that ensures hours of secure, silent fun.
  • Soft & Cuddly Material: Each Snooziez toy is made from soft corduroy, ideal for snuggling or gentle play. These adorable toys are not just quiet; they're also irresistibly cuddly, making them perfect bedtime buddies for your dog.
  • Perfect for Peaceful Households: Ideal for homes where quiet is treasured, these silent squeaky toys allow your dog to enjoy their playtime without interrupting your peace and tranquility. They're the perfect choice for late-night play sessions or anytime you need a bit of quiet.

Embrace a Harmonious Home with ZippyPaws Snooziez ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker toys are the first in a new line of silent dog toys, designed to bring harmony to your household without dulling your dog's playtime. Offer your furry companion the fun of a squeaky toy without the endless noise, and enjoy a calmer, happier home environment.

Treat your pet and yourself to the innovative joy of Snooziez with Shhhqueaker toys. Let your dog revel in the excitement of squeaky play while you savor the sound of silence. Shop now for a more peaceful playtime solution that both you and your dog will love.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 27.9 x 14 x 11.4 cm (11 x 5.5 x 4.5 in)

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Silent Squeaker Dog Toy | Bunny Shaped Dog Toy | Plush Dog Toy | ZippyPaws