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Prawn Mantis Shrimp Dog Treat, Dog Chew, Natural Dog Treat - Lulu's Kitchen

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Product description

Introducing Mantis Shrimp: The Hypoallergenic Super Treat for Dogs

Unlock the secret to high focus and unparalleled nutrition for your dog with our Mantis Shrimp treats. Suitable for canines of all sizes, from the petite to the grand, these treats are not just a snack but a nutritional powerhouse. Lightweight yet packed with a healthy crunch, they offer an exceptional blend of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, making them an irresistible, high-value treat.

Perfect for Every Dog, Especially the Sensitive Ones

  • Hypoallergenic: Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies, offering a safe and satisfying treat option.
  • Nutrient-Rich: High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, our Mantis Shrimp treats support overall health, from a shiny coat to improved cognitive function.
  • Low Fat: An excellent choice for maintaining a healthy weight, these treats are very low in fat, ensuring your dog gets only the best in nutrition.

Pure, Natural, and Wholesome

  • 100% Australian Mantis: Sourced from the pristine Australian waters, we use only the finest mantis, free from additives and preservatives, to ensure your dog enjoys the natural goodness in every bite.

Conveniently Sized for Daily Enjoyment

  • Optimal Size: Available in 50g packs, perfect for daily treats and training rewards, ensuring freshness and quality in every bite.

Proudly Australian

Proudly sourced and produced in Australia, our Mantis Shrimp treats represent the pinnacle of local quality and sustainability. By choosing our treats, you're not just giving your dog a delicious snack but also supporting Australian marine life and eco-conscious practices.

Discover the difference with Mantis Shrimp – the hypoallergenic treat that's guaranteed to capture your dog's attention and cater to their health and wellness, just like it did for our own girl, Lulu. Don't wait to give your dog the taste and nutrition they deserve!


100% Mantis Shrimp

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Prawn Mantis Shrimp Dog Treat, Dog Chew, Natural Dog Treat - Lulu's Kitchen