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Shark Blade Dog Chew, Dog Treat, Natural Dog Treat - Lulu's Kitchen

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Product description

Introducing Shark Blades: A Prized Catch for Your Canine Companion

Dive into the deep blue with our latest sensation – Shark Blades, a gourmet treat that's making waves among dog lovers. Sourced from the majestic Australian Black Tip Shark, this premium snack is a fusion of shark tail, skin, and cartilage, offering a variety of textures and sizes to keep your dog intrigued and satisfied. With its irresistible fishy aroma and unmatched taste, Shark Blades are the ultimate high-value treat to pamper your pooch.

A Symphony of Natural Goodness

  • Pure & Unadulterated: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with giving your dog a treat that's 100% Australian Black Tip Shark skin, free from any additives or preservatives. It's the pure, unrefined goodness of the ocean, delivered straight to your dog's bowl.
  • Sustainable & Ethical: Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices shines through in every pack of Shark Blades. Sourced as a by-product of the human fish & chip industry, we ensure that no sharks are caught specifically for our treats. This approach not only honors the majestic Black Tip Shark but also significantly reduces waste.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Continuing our tradition of industry-firsts, Shark Blades are presented in 100% Australian-made and printed bags, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and local production.

The Ultimate Treat for Discerning Dogs

  • Irresistibly Fishy: Prepared to tantalize the most discerning of canine palates, Shark Blades boast a strong fish smell that dogs go crazy for. It’s not just a treat; it’s a sensory experience that your dog will crave time and again.
  • Health Benefits Galore: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and with the natural benefits of shark cartilage, including support for joint health, these treats are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Proudly Australian

  • Locally Sourced & Produced: Every 100g pack of Shark Blades is a testament to Australian quality, manufactured locally using 100% Australian Black Tip Shark. This not only supports local industries but also guarantees a treat that's fresh, wholesome, and truly Australian.

Our Ethical Promise

  • Reducing Waste, Respecting Nature: By utilizing shark by-products, we not only provide your pets with high-quality treats but also contribute to a more sustainable and ethical approach to animal consumption. We believe in using ‘all’ of an animal, minimizing waste, and reducing the overall number of animals needed for consumption.
  • The Shark used is Blacktip. The average Blacktip lifespan is 12, compared to many sharks who live for over 24 years and some up to 70+ years, which is important due to the low levels of mercury absorbed by Blacktip Sharks during their lifetime, making it not only a palatable treat but also a healthy and safe one too!

Treat your furry friend to the exquisite taste of the ocean with Shark Blades – a snack that's as responsible as it is rewarding. It’s time to let your dog dive into the delicious, nutrient-rich world of Australian Black Tip Shark, and savor the natural, ethically sourced goodness with every bite.


All of our shark is a bi-product of the human fish & chip industry. NO sharks are caught specifically for us - and this shark would be ‘wasted’ if not utilised in treats this way. All of our shark is ethically caught, in adherence to strict catchment guidelines. We support using ‘all’ of an animal where possible, as it reduces waste + reduces the amount of animals overall that are slaughtered for treats.


100% Australian Black Tip Shark Skin & Cartilage

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Shark Blade Dog Chew, Dog Treat, Natural Dog Treat - Lulu's Kitchen