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Easter Egg Plush Dog Toy | Hide and Seek Dog Toy | ZippyPaws Burrow® Dog Toy

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Product description

Hop Into Easter Fun with ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow Easter Egg and Friends – A Hide-and-Seek Delight for Dogs

This Easter, transform your furry friend's playtime into an egg-straordinary adventure with the Zippy Burrow Easter Egg and Friends from ZippyPaws. This ultimate interactive toy brings the spirit of Easter to your dog's playtime, combining the excitement of hide-and-seek with the charm of the season's favorite critters.

How It Unfolds: The Zippy Burrow Easter Egg and Friends sets the stage for a captivating game of hide-and-seek:

  • Conceal the Critters: Place the squeaky bunny, sheep, and chick inside the plush Easter egg.
  • Seek, Find, and Squeak: Watch your dog's natural instincts take over as they dig into the egg to discover the hidden friends. Each critter rewards their effort with a satisfying squeak.
  • Endless Entertainment: The fun doesn't stop at the first discovery. Hide the critters again to continue the game, providing endless entertainment and engagement.

Beyond the Game:

  • Mental Exercise: This toy stimulates your dog's brain, offering mental enrichment that keeps boredom at bay and sharpens their cognitive skills.
  • Instinctual Satisfaction: Tapping into your dog's innate hunting abilities, the Zippy Burrow Easter Egg and Friends offers a fulfilling play experience that satisfies their natural urges.
  • Interactive Play: Strengthen the bond with your pet through this interactive toy, participating in the hide-and-seek fun and enjoying quality time together.
  • Adorable Easter Theme: With its festive design and squeaky critter friends, this toy is a perfect way to include your dog in the Easter celebrations, making memorable moments together.

An Egg-ceptional Easter Adventure Awaits The Zippy Burrow Easter Egg and Friends is more than a toy; it's a celebration of the joy and renewal that Easter brings, tailored for your pet's enjoyment. It offers not just fun, but a whole basket of benefits, from mental stimulation to satisfying play.

Give your dog the gift of joyous discovery and endless play this Easter with the Zippy Burrow Easter Egg and Friends. It's the perfect way to ensure your pup's Easter is filled with laughter, play, and a touch of whimsy they'll cherish.

Additional Information

Squeaker: Squeaker: 1 round squeaker in each toy
Burrow size: 7.5 x 6 x 6 in

Additional features

Great for mental enrichment
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Easter Egg Plush Dog Toy | Hide and Seek Dog Toy | ZippyPaws Burrow® Dog Toy