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Hydration Drink for Dogs | Plant-Based Vegan Dog Food, Hydrating Smoothie, 400ml

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Product description

Hydrate Your Dog with Our 100% Natural Plant-Based Vegan Smoothie Drink

Give your dog the best with our delicious, 100% natural Plant-Based Vegan smoothie drink, designed to boost your dog's daily water intake. This nutritious beverage is packed with essential nutrients from a variety of plant-based ingredients, supporting your dog's diet and overall wellbeing. Whether your dog is reluctant to drink water or you want to encourage more hydration, our flavorful vegan dog drinks are the ideal solution.

Year-Round Hydration for Your Dog

Our versatile Plant-Based Vegan dog smoothie is perfect for any season. Warm it up for a comforting soup during the winter months or serve it chilled as a refreshing smoothie on hot days. This unique blend of plant-based ingredients is sure to appeal to even the pickiest of dogs.

Creative Ways to Use Our Plant-Based Vegan Smoothie Drink

  • Enrichment & Training: Freeze the Plant-Based Vegan smoothie in a toy or lick mat to provide engaging and mentally stimulating playtime.
  • Cooling Treat: On hot days, offer a frozen Plant-Based Vegan smoothie as a hydrating, icy treat.
  • Appetite Booster: If your dog has lost their appetite or become uninterested in their regular food, use our Plant-Based Vegan smoothie as a tasty topper to encourage eating.

Furr Boost Plant-Based Vegan Hydration Drink: The Perfect Supplement for Your Dog's Health

At A&G Pet Co, we are dedicated to providing only the best for your pet. Our Furr Boost Plant-Based Vegan hydration drink is formulated to meet your dog's hydration needs while promoting their overall health. Shop now and discover the perfect addition to your dog's daily routine.

Additional Information

Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks of age upwards. This product is cooked.
Treat may be fed daily.

Fresh water should always be readily available.

Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks of age upwards.

This product is cooked.

Store in a cool dry place, once opened keep refrigerated and use within 7 days.


Nutritional info

Analytical Constituents:


Crude Protein 0.58%
Crude Fat 1.10%
Crude Fibre <1%
Crude Ash 0.42%
Moisture Content 94.85%
Calories 12 Kcal/100ml
Omega 3 Fatty Acids 22.48%
Omega 6 Fatty Acids 15.5%
DHA <0.1%
EPA 0.81%


Composition: Water, Sweet Potato (6%), Butternut Squash (6%), Broccoli (5%). Apple (5%). Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Dried Sea Kelp, Chicory root extract (as a source of the prebiotics FOS and Inulin, 0.36%), *Turmeric, *Apple Cider Vinegar, *Flaxseed Powder, *Yucca Extract, Yeast products (as a source of beta glucans, 0.004%). *Black Pepper, * Turmeraid. Additives: Nutritional Additives (per 1000ml): Vitamins: Vitamin C 825mg, Niacinamide 15mg, Vitamin B1 8.3mg, Calcium-D-pantothenate 7.5mg, Vitamin B2 1.5mg, Vitamin B6 0.75mg, Folic acid 0.75mg, Biotin 0.075mg.

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Hydration Drink for Dogs | Plant-Based Vegan Dog Food, Hydrating Smoothie, 400ml