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Green&Wild's Yakity Yak Chew - Large, approx. 90g-115g

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Product description

Introducing Green & Wild's Yakity-Yak Dog Chews – the ultimate long-lasting treat crafted from the heart of the Himalayan Mountains!

Handcrafted from a blend of 100% yak's/cow's milk, with a touch of lime and salt, our Yakity-Yak chews are smoked to perfection, resulting in a hard, tasty, and cheesy chew that dogs adore. Loved by the Himalayan people and their canine companions for generations, these chews offer a natural and delicious snack experience.

Every dog has a natural instinct to chew, and our Yakity-Yak chews provide the perfect solution. Not only do they satisfy your dog's need to chew, but they also promote natural dental care and mental stimulation, keeping them happy and occupied for hours.

Free from artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, our Yakity-Yak chews are packed with 100% tasty goodness, ensuring a wholesome and satisfying treat for your furry friend.

When the chew becomes too small for your dog's liking, simply pop it in the microwave to puff it up for a tasty snack – waste not, want not!

As part of a healthy, balanced diet, our Yakity-Yak chews make the perfect complementary treat for your pet. Always ensure your dog has access to fresh drinking water, and monitor them while enjoying their chew.

Before introducing a Yakity-Yak Chew to a puppy, we recommend waiting until their permanent teeth have fully emerged, typically around 4 to 6 months of age. This ensures a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for your growing pup.

Treat your dog to the natural goodness of Green & Wild's Yakity-Yak Dog Chews and watch them chew their way to happiness and health!

Additional Information

Why it's sooo good:

Preservative and gluten free
Rich in protein and calcium
Low in fat
Robust, odour free and long lasting
Great for dental hygiene
Organic and vegetarian

Nutritional info

Protein: 53.4 - 68.5%,

Crude Fibres: 5.9 - 6.5%,

Crude Fats: 5.6% - 7.2%,

Crude Ash: 6.6 - 7.7%,

Moisture: 5.9 - 12.9%.


99% Yak and Himalayan Cow Milk, 1% Lime Juice, Traces of Himalayan Pink Salt.

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Green&Wild's Yakity Yak Chew - Large, approx. 90g-115g