Nutritional Info - Anco Puffed Pig Snouts

Protein 61%
Fat 7%
Ash 3%


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What is Enrichment?

Enrichment refers to the process of improving or enhancing something. For our dogs, that means providing them with an environment that both encourages and stimulates natural behaviours as well as enhancing their wellbeing.

Enrichment can be achieved through the use of slow-feeders, lickimats and other similar tools to encourage your dog to use their brain which will in turn tire them out mentally. Another enrichment idea centred around food is to scatter feed. Scatter feeding is the act of scattering kibble/treats in grass, snuffle balls or snuffle mats. This encourages your dog to forage and sniff out the food which is a natural behaviour and this will also tire them out as well as promoting more relaxed behaviour which in turn will decrease the liklihood of them displaying destructive behaviours.

It's not just food that can be used as enrichment, there are lots of other ways to enrich our dog's lives. Toys, allowing your dog to sniff on their walk, giving our dog's the freedom to make their own choices are all ways we can enhance their wellbeing.

I'm new to natural treats and I'm not sure where to start. What are they and what would you recommend?

Natural dog treats are made with natural ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, additives and chemicals that may be harmful to dogs. Natural treats are minimally processed to ensure they retain their nutritional value. They are a better and healthier alternative to commercial dog treats that may contain low-quality ingredients, fillers and artificial flavours.

If you don't feel comfortable with furry/hairy/animal-looking treats yet, I would recommend any of the JR Pet Product Sticks, the Anco Cod Sticks, or the JR Natural Twists.

Otherwise I would recommend:

Anco Hairy Rabbit Ears

Anco Cow Ears

Anco Puffed Chicken Feet / Anco Duck Feet

Anco Puffed Pig Snouts

If you would like breed specific recommendations, drop me an email and I'll be more than happy to help:

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